Homegrown Materials

With the Industrial Revolution came the need to supply food and clothing on a scale that would quench the thirst of the population. We needed efficient machines and technology to survive and facilitate each one across the world. But, now about 150 years later we need to rethink our needs and the pressing concerns of today. The business should be revising the models to generate and execute in much ethical and not purely intelligent practices. It is time we start valuing kindness above intelligence. Inclusiveness above linear model of practice.

Heritage, culture, primitive skills thus, in the age of today would help improve the quality of living.

In the times of forced marketing where everything is projected as “much needed” we need to actually bring down our wants to needs.  

Our products, technologies needs to be a part of a closed-loop chain. 

Observations in the past says anything that has gained interest of the masses has been a result of a perceived fear or a perceived desire. It thus becomes crucial to make “slow” (by slow we mean the organic growth.) a fashionable thing.

At kilchu we are trying to look back at our homegrown materials, techniques with a fresh perspective. The freshness of brand would lie in its authenticity. A reflection of healthy and conscious living. We aim to have conversations with people's intelligence and not just engage them in their frivolousness. Our design language would mostly be holding its ground on simplicity, comfortable and clean dressing.

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