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Project Homecoming | Jhabua, India

A vibrant town with the unmatched interest in Bollywood trends, Jhabua and it's adjoining villages is home  to young hearts that dance and rejoice in the Bhagoria festival. The festival celebrates love and elopement making homecoming an interesting concept.

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Sikki - The Grass on the greener Side

2018, Madhubani bihar. “Aam, paan, Makhaan”, they say for Madhubani. Much like the mango from the Madhubani the language drips with sweetness too. What astonishes is the simple living and the vast imagination . Be it Madhubani art, the ritualistic festivals or the very articulate Sikki grass art. The land of Patliputra has a method to everything they do.   Women gather and in minutes transform the unresponsive walls into expressive murals. Gulabi alta at the feet of women is like those first strokes of colour on the fresh canvass. To put it to imagination; Madhubani is like- The room filled with chatters and as the hands begin to show the magic the chatters are slowly engulfed by the peculiar music...

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