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Project Homecoming| Jhabua, India

    A vibrant town with the unmatched interest in Bollywood trends, Jhabua and it's adjoining villages is home  to young hearts that dance and rejoice in the Bhagoria festival. The festival celebrates love and elopement making homecoming an interesting concept.       The impact of industrialisation has exposed them to the fast pace of life, music and fashion. It has also got them miles away from their traditional practice of wearing and making bead jewellery. Only a handful find the mention of beaded jewellery exciting and relatable. To fulfil the needs and wants, many would push them to work as daily wage labourers- Some in nearby towns while others in the adjoining states(Gujarat). Project homecoming was a part of...

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Homegrown Materials

With the Industrial Revolution came the need to supply food and clothing on a scale that would quench the thirst of the population. We needed efficient machines and technology to survive and facilitate each one across the world. But, now about 150 years later we need to rethink our needs and the pressing concerns of today. The business should be revising the models to generate and execute in much ethical and not purely intelligent practices. It is time we start valuing kindness above intelligence. Inclusiveness above linear model of practice. Heritage, culture, primitive skills thus, in the age of today would help improve the quality of living. In the times of forced marketing where everything is projected as “much needed” we...

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